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Jackson Schools Trying To Reach New Agreement With TCAT Hartsville

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Schools Trying To Reach New Agreement With TCAT Hartsville

Jackson County Schools are working on reaching a new agreement with TCAT Hartsville and Macon County Schools on the system’s dual enrollment program.

Jackson County Director Kristy Brown said her office was notified last month that the Hartsville campus would not be continuing their long-standing agreement due to rising costs. 

“Basically the amount being paid from our schools hasn’t really changed over several years,” Brown said. “And as we know operation and maintenance of any programs always increase year over year. So that was basically the reason, was just not being able to keep the programs going.”

Brown said that after hearing from Macon County Board of Education and discussing the situation with TCAT Hartsville, she’s feeling optimistic. She said that as of their last discussions, the program could continue for another three to five years. She said that in that time they’ll be able to find other options for Jackson students and begin that transition.

Brown said that one of those options would be starting a program with the system’s main provider, TCAT Livingston. She said that in discussions with director Dr. Myra West, they’ve brainstormed potential opportunities for Jackson students.

“We’ve had a great strong partnership with them,” Brown said. “And looking at what we might be able to transition, and planning courses for next year. Basically just maximizing any programs that we can make available for our students in Jackson County.”

Brown said that they send approximately 60 students each year to TCAT Hartsville. She said that the current tentative agreement between the Macon Board of Education and TCAT Hartsville is increasing the cost per student from some $3,600 to around $6,000. She said that she’s hoping that because TCAT Hartsville is Macon County’s service provider and they don’t send many students, Jackson Schools will be able to continue to send students at the current price, but that is yet to be determined.

She said that the next steps are going to be to wait for Macon County Schools to firm up their contract with TCAT Hartsville. Then, she said that she’ll go to both entities to discuss Jackson Schools’ role in the partnership. 


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