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Jackson Sees Five Audit Findings Considered Minor

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Sees Five Audit Findings Considered Minor

The state comptroller’s office found two findings in the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office involving the proper administration of funds.

The state found three other findings, two within the County Mayor’s office and one in the Court Clerk’s Office. County Mayor Randy Heady:

“These audits are important, findings are important,” Heady said. “Audits are all about helping you to improve to be better at what you’re doing and making sure you’re doing the job you should be doing. So just know that while none of us want a finding, they are getting paid to get findings. So we’re trying hard here, locally, to do the job that we’ve been elected to do.”

Heady said that his audits have improved significantly since he took office in 2018, when there were about seven audits. He said that they are constantly working to learn more and to improve.

Heady provided no comment on the findings of the Sheriff’s Office. However, he said that he considers all five findings to be minor.

“To me, these are minor findings,” Heady said. “Your major findings would be something along the lines of money is missing or something had to be found, just being negligible, just things we’re doing because of neglect or oversight issues. You know in the past we’ve had findings, and I’m talking about my days as commissioner, where it was just poor oversight and not keeping an eye. And we can do better about that, and I just learn something new every day.”

Heady said that the more the county can learn, the better it can work.


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