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Putnam Redistricting Recommends Change Allowing More School Districts

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Redistricting Recommends Change Allowing More School Districts

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee approved a recommendation Monday that would open the door for more school board members in the future.

The proposed changes impacts the county’s Private Acts of 1993. The rules came to light during this year’s redistricting work. The act was setup with a specific number of school board members.

Attorney Jeff Jones said the new verbiage would maximize flexibility for future redistricting committees.

“Based on the discussion that took place at the last redistricting meeting that I attended, I took out the portion in the first sentence where it says shall be divided into six school districts and just put shall be divided into school districts as established by resolution of the county legislative body,” Jones said.

Jones said no less than three and no more than 11 school board members will be allowed based on state law.

The committee decided to then follow Tennessee Code Annotated for the remainder of law. Staggered terms remain and the number of districts may be even or odd.

Committee Member AJ Donadio said the wording gives the next redistricting committee in nine years to make more than one recommendation on reapportionment.

“Right now we’re kinda locked into one,” Donadio said. “So what I would simply like to have is have it open so that future redistricting committee can make a recommendation for seven or 21.”

Discussions on changing the private act began during the county’s redistricting process last year. A seven-district and 21-district plan were considered but the law limited Putnam County to 12 commission districts and six school districts.

The committee also approved consulting with the county school board for any other changes such as compensation based on the private act and not on the school’s budget.

County commissioners will next consider the proposal. The changes to the private act require General Assembly approval before enacted. Redistricting will not happen again for ten years.


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