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TDOT Appropriating $22 Million For Work At Baxter Interchange

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
TDOT Appropriating $22 Million For Work At Baxter Interchange

TDOT has allocated some $22 million for work Baxter’s 280 interchange.

Mayor John Martin said that the need for this work was originally discovered five years ago in a corridor study. He said that the city’s development, particularly the Portobello project, showed the need to accelerate the process.

“The commissioner said that something had to be done out here because of the extra truck traffic that we’re going to be having come out of Portobello,” Martin said. “We’re going a three-lane from the interstate all the way to the top of the hill. And of course, there is going to be a $4.2 million road built there coming out of Portobello.”

Martin said the word came from Representative Ryan Williams Thursday afternoon. Martin said Williams reminded everyone, it will take time to get the project done. He said that with the volume of traffic on Interstate 40, it will require a lot of thoughtful planning.

Martin said that the work could include the replacement of the bridges, additional lanes, and signal work. Martin said that he does not have all of the specifics, but is excited to continue conversations.

With construction underway on the Portobello project, other pieces of land around the interchange are expected to be developed in the coming years. Martin said that with all the development and projects, he’s actually had to turn some projects away.

“And I never in my life thought that I’d ever turn down projects,” Martin said. “But it was the type of project that I didn’t feel like would be good for us. We’re to the point where we can be selective with what we do in Baxter. But the growth, the number of homes that we’re getting, gives you the revenue to do fire departments and more police officers, and pay more money to our employees. That’s what it’s all about guys, that’s what we all have worked so hard to get done here.”


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