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Clay Commission Approves Ambulance Raise Contribution

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Clay Commission Approves Ambulance Raise Contribution

Clay County Commissioners approved a resolution for the county’s $18,000 contribution to the ambulance service pay raise.

District 1 Commissioner Bryan Coons was the sponsor for the resolution. He said that it was important to him to see that the county both retained its EMS personnel, as well as ensured full-county ambulance coverage.

“We have a pretty big county with Hermitage Springs, Pea Ridge, Willow Grove,” Coons said. “If we just had one truck running, and it went to that area, the rest of us were not covered. So with this, we hope to retain the employees as well as giving a raise in covering the county.”

Coons said that the county approved the resolution contingent on the city of Celina also approving its contribution. He said that in a phone call with Mayor Luke Collins, Collins said that he believed the city would approve its portion of about $16,000. Coons said that the city of Celina will vote on its portion at its alderman meeting on Tuesday night.

Commissioner Dorothy Forney said that she voted in favor of the resolution because an ambulance service is a necessity for the community of Clay County.

“We need an ambulance service and we need to keep it,” Forney said. “Whatever we need to do, I mean we’re part of it. We’re part of the ambulance service just like the city is so we both need to pitch in and do whatever we need to do to keep it.”

EMS Directory Andy Hall said that after a rough several months, it’s nice to take this step.

“It feels a lot better and it makes me more hopeful of getting more people in here,” Hall said. “Of course every time you talk about somebody giving you more money, it’s going to attract more people. It’s a step in the right direction, we’ve been in a tough spot the last couple of months. But it looks like, hopefully, we’re going to be able to hold things together.”


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