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Monterey Mayor JJ Reels Will Not Run For Re-election

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Mayor JJ Reels Will Not Run For Re-election

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels announced Wednesday that he will not run for re-election come August.

Reels said he wants to step away from being a public servant and focus on his family life.

“I just felt that I’ve accomplished a lot,” Reels said. “It was just time to step back. I’ve sacrificed a lot with my family over the years. I’ve been in public service for over thirty years, so it was just time to step back and have time for my family. That is the biggest thing.”

Reels has served as an elected official since 2017 when he was appointed to fill an empty Alderman seat. Reels was elected to that same position in 2018 and elected as mayor in 2020.

During Reels’ administration, several disagreements have arose between the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Reels said that relationship was a challenge at times and did play a role in the decision.

“When you have a board that’s stacked against you, it’s hard to get stuff accomplished, but I think we accomplished a great deal in just a short period of time with businesses and growth and positivity in the town,” Reels said. “A community that came together that really hadn’t felt like they were welcome to come together.”

Reels said he will fulfill the remainder of his term which ends in September. Reels said helping create a plan to address flooding and working to bring more events to Monterey are his proudest moments as an official.

“We’ve created some new traditions that I hope will be continued,” Reels said. “We had Craig Morgan here in town last year. That’s a big thing. We created Mountain Rhythms Music Festival, and I hope that continues. We also started Halloween on Commercial.”

Reels said he has no plans to run as an alderman in the future.


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