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Byrdstown Considering Pump Station For Interested Developers

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Byrdstown Considering Pump Station For Interested Developers

Byrdstown has two parties interested in developing near Highway 111, but a pump station will be required to accommodate the growth.

The most expensive part to provide water already exists, an unused line that stretches to the site. Mayor Sam Gibson said spending about $30,000 for a pump station would be a small price considering the possible return in taxes.

“Those 40 townhouses is probably gonna bring in a cleared $60,000 per year to the Pickett County government on taxes,” Gibson said. “Free money, free reoccurring money, so that is a great thing.”

Gibson said he has involved Engineer Consultant Nathaniel Green in the possible project. Gibson said installing a pump station would open an opportunity to partner with the developers that would benefit both parties.

“We could hook up to that raw water line, cap it going south toward the shrimp pond, cap it there and hook on to it,” Gibson said. “Then run it to Fitzgerald’s. Cut it off from the tank on the hill and let it turn and go down to our pump station. Then working with them, they can put in their own pump stations and pumps.”

Gibson said the builders could use the existing line and proposed pump station, but pay for upgrades to include sewer connections. The town would then maintain the system while the developers save money from not installing a water line.

The unused raw water line goes to the Fitzgerald Glider Kits. At the time of installation, it was used to cool the machinery of the old Hutchinson plant. Gibson said opening up a station for the unused line could allow for future development and possibly provide sewer for those in the area.

Gibson said the RV park is being considered where the old saw mill was located. The town homes are being planned on Sunset Overlook.


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