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Monterey Depot Society Planning Pocket Park By Roundhouse

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Depot Society Planning Pocket Park By Roundhouse

A new small park has been approved at the Monterey Depot.

The “pocket park” will be located in front of the roundhouse by the recently installed Ludwig Light. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the Depot Society will fund the project after the Board of Aldermen approved the use of land.

“That’s an area that probably needs to be spruced up,” Cleary said. “Needs to be beautified and have something there. It just looks off, and it is apart of the Depot grounds so it makes sense to fill in that space.”

Cleary said the society is currently in the planning stage of the project. Cleary said members would like to have the green space open by this summer.

“We’re going to map out the grounds and come up with some landscape products that we want to put out there,” Cleary said. “We’re going to purchase some outdoor furniture.”

Cleary said he expects some benches, picnic tables and natural shade to be at the park. Cleary said the area would serve as a spot for those wanting an outdoor lunch break or rest area while walking along the Monterey Rail Trail.

“Just another amenity for the folks of Monterey to enjoy,” Cleary said. “But mostly, it will beautify the grounds of the Depot. There needs to be some sort of activity over there, because it is pretty decent sized area, so it just makes sense to utilize.”


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