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Impact Cookeville Working To Close Gaps In Hispanic Communities

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Impact Cookeville Working To Close Gaps In Hispanic Communities

A new branch of Impact Cookeville working to close communication barriers for Hispanic communities.

The Hispanic Community Board has started an English as a Second Language Program. Community Board Member Alejandra Cisneros-Conohan said through the service, the board wants to connect the community to the workforce.

“Speaking with a lot of industries, there is a lot of gaps in labor for example,” Cisneros-Conohan said. “People are having to look at other options. I believe one of the things they expressed is they fell very limited and frustrated at not being able to hire individuals in certain areas.”

Cisneros-Conohan said she has seen more international facilities move to the Upper Cumberland. Cisneros-Conohan said the service tries to help by getting visas for the labor positions.

“It super important that we show the community that we do have programs that promote community integration but also facilitate and support that economic growth and development for not only the people already here but individuals that are wanting to come to the Upper Cumberland,” Cisneros-Conohan said.

Cisneros-Conohan said the language classes have been held at Jere Whitson Elementary School. Cisneros-Conohan said so far, the community group has seen good participation.

“We may have individuals that are born here but may or may not be as familiar with the language and community resources,” Cisneros-Conohan said, “Understanding the cultural differences even in doing business is super important.

The new branch also works to translate the Impact Leadership program into Spanish. Cisneros-Conohan said the board has a grant coming that will help facilitate digitizing programs to have it available in Spanish.


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