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Republican Circuit Court Judge Candidate Disqualified Based On Voting Records

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Republican Circuit Court Judge Candidate Disqualified Based On Voting Records

Putnam County Attorney Dana Looper said she is disappointed with the State Republican Party’s decision to disqualify her from the Circuit Court Judge Part I race.

Two interested parties challenged Looper’s status as a bona fide Republican candidate. Looper received the word Friday after an appeal process.

“I feel like I most identify with is a Republican, and I didn’t get the opportunity to swear my allegiance to the Republican Party like others have done so in the past,” Looper said. “This was based purely on my voting record, and I’ve always been a gal that voted my conscience and my belief for the person.”

A candidacy can be challenged if the person has not voted in the last three of the four state Republican Primary Elections. While Looper’s voting records do not align, Looper said her views follow the Republican party.

“I want a strong military. I want conservative views,” Looper said. “I believe that best reflects me. I saw the positive changes that Trump had brought to America, and I like a strong economy. So when I had went to file my papers those were my beliefs, and those are strongly aligned with the Republican Party.”

William T. “Will” Ridley will now run unopposed in the May 3 GOP Primary and will face Independent Incumbent Judge Amy Turnbull Hollars. Looper said her request for the names of challenging parties was denied.

“All I can guess say is it is politics, right?” Looper said. “So, it is personal to me and my family, because we had thought this was the next step. We wanted to continue serving in this regard, and then, I was not allowed to do so.”

Looper said she was told that her previous voting records could be used as a challenge. But through talking with others, Looper said she did not expect it to be an issue.

“I have heard that, but I’ve also been told that it’s no big deal,” Looper said. “I’m just quoting from other folks that had a similar situation. ‘Hey, it’s no big deal. I had a voting record where I voted on my conscience too, and I had only voted say twice in the Republican Primary.’ But, they were allowed to continue running as a republican. I heard that was an issue, but they were allowed to continue forward.”

Looper said running for an elected position in the future is something she plans to explore.


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