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Jackson Commission Approves Partnership To Extend Water Line

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Commission Approves Partnership To Extend Water Line

Jackson County is moving forward with a multi-partner project extending water to Spring Fork, Lambert Hollar, and Martin Creek Road.

The communities in Putnam and Jackson Counties are not currently served by public water. Mayor Randy Heady said Jackson County would cover about $1 million of the $3.5 million project, using TDEC funding.

“Mayor Porter, he wants to get water to some of his folks that won’t ever get water if we don’t do it today,” Heady said. “Mayor Heady, myself, wants to get water to people in my county that will never get water. And I also want to help my neighbor. And my neighbor is Putnam County. And my neighbor is Martin Creek Road. ”

Heady said that there was some concern from the Jackson County Utility District about who would cover the costs of depreciation. He said that in order to pay a high depreciation, the Jackson Utility District would have to consider increasing the water bills of its customers.

Heady said that as of now, Putnam County is in conversations with Double Springs Utility District about owning the line.

“You depreciate it based on how much it costs,” Heady said. “So let’s say that four years ago we did this line and the whole project cost $1.2 million, well the depreciation would not have been that bad because you’re basing it on the costs of the project. And what the goal is, is that is a cost that you apply to bills to put back to be able to do maintenance on the lines.”

“But now, in this day and time, you’re looking at a $3 million project with inflation going up, the cost of pipe is out of this world, rock is going up, fuel is ridiculous. So depreciation, you’re going to pay more.”


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