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Celina Attorney Recommends More Work On New EMS Contract

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Celina Attorney Recommends More Work On New EMS Contract

The Celina Board of Aldermen introduced a five-year proposal Tuesday night, a framework for a new contract with Clay County for EMS services.

Mayor Luke Collins said the contract basics would closely follow current stipulations and include the recently approved EMS raises.

City Attorney Jimmy White recommended further negotiations with the county to account for the future economy.

“Would it not be beneficial to the city to know and have like a cost of living increase or some figure and I don’t know what you call that figure into the negotiations that you build your deal around?” White said.

White said the city should work with MTAS to find that figure, then take the feedback to to the next ambulance committee meeting later this month.

“There is somebody at know in Lafayette at MTAS that they call about budgetary questions and helping them tie down stuff like that,” White said. “If we could find who that was and tell them and tell them our issue, if we knew what it cost us today to fund the program as it needs to be funded.”

According to Certified Municipal Financial Officer Jeannie Lee, the county currently gives the city about $50,000 for EMS services. The current contract expires at the end of the fiscal year.

White said the city could avoid negotiations and budget shortfalls in the future if the city included yearly estimates accounting for rising prices.

“The city can look and say here is what we need, more money in year two because of this and point to it…not just get into one of those situations,” White said.


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