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Bill Creating School Director Elections Fails In Committee

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Bill Creating School Director Elections Fails In Committee

A house bill that would provide school boards the option to publicly elect a school director has died in committee.

State Representative Paul Sherrell said the residents of the 43rd District want the opportunity to vote on the position.

“They do not like the way that it is presently being appointed,” Sherrell said. “Yes, there is some people that does like it that way, but there is more people would like the opportunity to elect, because with elections, it gives the freedom back to the people.”

The law did not pass in a 4-4 committee vote. Sherrell said he received push back from representatives that serve larger school districts that did not want an election option.

“The democrats don’t want it changed from appointed to elected,” Sherrell said. “Most of our area around here seems to be Republican, and they would like the freedom to elect. You get to places in west Tennessee, Memphis or Nashville, they want it left alone.”

Sherrell said his main concerns are school boards appointing a superintendent with an certain agenda and contract issues. Sherrell specifically pointed out Grundy County during committee discussion as an example. The county has seen three superintendents since Sherrell was elected in 2016.

Sherrell has carried the bill twice now. Sherrell said if reelected, his efforts to pass the law will continue.

“If I don’t carry the bill, there will be somebody else I’m sure that will carry the bill and let the people’s voice be heard,” Sherrell said.


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