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Smithville Moving Forward With Transitional Housing Grant Application

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Smithville Moving Forward With Transitional Housing Grant Application

Smithville seeking state funding to purchase a facility to create additional transitional housing for those battling drug abuse.

UCDD/UCHRA applying for the grant on behalf of the city. Executive Director Mark Farley said the entities pursued DeKalb County since its application would likely score the highest out of the region.

“In the state of Tennessee, they rate the highest in suicide and that is the number one matrix that they’ll be using to determine, so I feel like they would have a very strong proposal,” Farley said. “Not saying it’s guaranteed, but they have the highest need.”

Farley said DeKalb County also ranks very high in overdose deaths per capita. Farley said the plan is to purchase a building to house 8-12 people. Then, the human resource agency and development district would partner with the city to operate the service.

“You have to have an agency to partner with to oversee the facility,” Farley said. “Currently, we have under the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency our substance abuse program, which is perfectly aligned to work with individuals in this type of situation. We would also partner with the development district in the oversight of the actual housing project.”

Farley said up to $750,000 can be granted. Farley said grant applications for the state funding are due next month. Only about $1.8 million is available.

“What we needed to do was go ahead and start that process of developing applications,” Farley said. “There some public hearings that have to be held. So, they gave us the approval to start that process. I’ll probably take back a true proposal to them at their next Board of Aldermen meeting.”


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