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Cookeville Wants To Formalize Animal Control Board And Shelter

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Wants To Formalize Animal Control Board And Shelter

What government entity does the Cookeville-Putnam County Animal Shelter fall under? Putnam County or Cookeville.

The question unanswered. City Administrator James Mills said employees fall under the county pay scale, the city processes payroll and employees do not receive retirement benefits from either.

“I would like to get formalized and get you guys to be treated like city or county employees are treated,” Mills said. “I think that’s the right thing to do, because this is an important service that is provided to our community.”

The issue arose Friday as the Animal Control Board that governs the animal shelter discussed employee raises. Mills will further research options.

Hutchinson-Tracy said she recommended for the shelter to become a city entity since about 75 percent of the operation falls under Cookeville. Hutchinson-Tracy said the only part that falls under the county is the pay step increase.

Mills said the city has researched the origins as to why the duties are split. “We don’t know,” Mills said. Mills called the formation and previous operation of the board as “messy.”

Finance Director Brenda Imel and City Clerk Darian Coons conducted the research. Imel said she went back to 2000 when the Animal Control Board was created. Imel said the animal shelter was once ran by the Humane Society. Imel said at that time, all the employees quit, and the shelter closed.

Imel said an intergovernmental entity between the city and the county then recommended the formation of the board.

“The city council appointed a member to that committee and the county did the same thing,” Imel said. “But, we can’t find any by-laws.”


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