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Tennessee Tech’s Campus Radio WTTU Celebrates 50 Years

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tennessee Tech’s Campus Radio WTTU Celebrates 50 Years

Tennessee Tech’s campus radio station WTTU celebrated its 50th anniversary this week.

Program Director Hannah Koster said the celebration means a lot.

“I made a brand new logo that was based on old logos that I kind of brought together,” Koster said. “I have redone the studio and made it more lively. My goal is to make it more alive, so a lot of students want to be DJs.”

The station currently has 11 student and faculty DJs in its rotation. After they receive training, each DJ is allowed to design their own program whether that be a talk show or just playing their favorite music.

Current WTTU DJs come from a variety of majors and most started with no experience with being on the air. Koster said that participating with the station can be a great learning experience and even a resume builder.

“When someone uses me as a job reference I can say, ‘So-and-so was awesome. They always showed up on time for their show. They were responsible for themselves. They made sure the booth was clean when they were done. They never said a cuss word on the air and got us in trouble,’” Koster said. “It really is, whether they realize it or not, building them up in a different way.”


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