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Algood Approves Bid To Remove Elevated Water Tank On Main Street

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Algood Approves Bid To Remove Elevated Water Tank On Main Street

City of Algood approved a $34,600 bid to remove the out-of-use water tank on Main Street.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said that tank was brought to the council by residents who were concerned about its deteriorating condition. He said that the city explored different options to rehab it or take it down.

“Several years ago it was over a couple hundred thousand to rehabilitate the tank and so the council didn’t feel it was appropriate to put that kind of money in the tank if it wasn’t even able to be used,” Morrison said. “It’s just kind of standing there to be viewed. So that was an expensive kind of advertisement.”

Morrison said that before taking the tank down, they had to accomplish finding a new location for city departments’ radio antennas, which use the tower as its base. He said that since they were able to relocate the equipment to a new spot on Fox Lane, they could start the process of safely taking down the tank.

“Fox Lane has another water tank and we have another possibility of relocating our radio communication antennas to that site but it’s going to require a little bit of work,” Morrison said. “We’ve already started site prep, we’ve got an antenna over there going, we’ve already ordered repeaters, and radio base stations, so all of that stuff is in place. We’re trying to work on the final steps to get that relocated to that location so that once we stand it up, then the water tank is ready to come down.”

Morrison said that the plan now is to have the radio towers be relocated and active, as well as take the tank down, by mid-September. He said taking the tank down itself should be about a one to two-day process, pending weather.

As for the future of the property after the tank is removed:

“We can’t discuss that any further because we’re still in negotiations,” Morrison said. “But once it’s finalized we’ll be glad to share what’s going to happen with that.”


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