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Keys For An Easy Election Day This Tuesday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Keys For An Easy Election Day This Tuesday

Tuesday is Election Day, so what do you need in order to cast your vote?

Putnam County Election Administrator Michelle Honeycutt said registered voters need to know their voting precinct and bring a photo I.D.

“Seems like the busiest times are early in the morning, during lunch time or at closing,” Honeycutt said. “So if they can come midmorning or midafternoon, I think it would be easier for them.”

Putnam County polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Polls across the Upper Cumberland will share similar times. The May 3rd Primary will decide which state judicial candidates and local officials will represent their party in to the August election.

With redistricting completed, your precinct may have changed. Honeycutt said updated voting cards with new locations were mailed out. If you did not receive one, Honeycutt said chances are your precinct did not change.

“We do have residents that show up at the wrong place,” Honeycutt said. “Then they wait in line, which I think there won’t be many this time, then find out they are at the wrong place and drive somewhere else.”

You can call your local election office Monday to ensure you know where to vote on Tuesday. Honeycutt said her office has been preparing for several months. Honeycutt said Monday poll workers will come in and get their supplies ready to go.


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