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Van Buren Ag Extension Says The Time To Seed Your Yard Is Now

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren Ag Extension Says The Time To Seed Your Yard Is Now

If your grass is not greening up, the Van Buren County Ag Extension Office says you still have time to make that change.

County Director Chris Binkley said the first thing he would recommend is conducting a soil test.

“It’s going to tell you what your yard needs in order to grow,” Binkley said. “You might need to add some nitrogen, phosphorous or pot ash to it, and it will give you the exact amount that you need to add to that yard.”

Binkley said the window of opportunity to plant new grass is still open for a few more weeks. Binkley said the best time to seed your yard is now unless you want a summer grass then you have until July. If not now, you may have to wait until the fall.

“We have probably until the middle or last of May,” Binkley said. “Of course if you keep it watered, you might even seed later than that, but if you want to put some seed in your yard, you need to be doing it now.”

Binkley said the test can focus on the specific grass species you are trying to grow. Binkley said you can contact your local extension agents to sample your yard.

“Whether it be Kentucky-31 Fescue or Bermuda Grass, whatever it is that you want in your yard that soil test will help you apply the right stuff to it,” Binkley said. “Then once you apply that stuff, then you can start weeding out the weeds.”

Binkley said the most common weeds a yard enthusiast may face is a purple flower known as henbent and broadleafs such as dandelions. Binkley said they can usually be removed by just getting your yard’s nutrition right.

Binkley said the cool nights so far this spring is probably why your grass might not have that bright color. Binkley said that will likely change as the summer approaches.


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