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New Council To Oversee Monterey Events In The Works

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Council To Oversee Monterey Events In The Works

The idea of a new Monterey council that would oversee events and sports has been introduced.

Mayor Nathan Walker said the concept resulted from a Monday night work session. Walker said the goal would be to bring all the community events and civic organizations together.

“Of course, this was just the beginning stage of trying to put something like that together and try to gauge everybody’s public interest and try to let everybody know what we are kind of thinking and what they may look like,” Walker said. “I mean this is going to be a long process obviously.”

Walker said a main point of the work session was clarifying the purpose of the council. Walker said the council would not take over anything. Walker said the group would just serve as point of communication for stakeholders and attempt to make events into regional attractions.

“Right now, we are in a situation where there isn’t a lot of communication going on, and we would like to change that,” Walker said. “We are in the mindset that in the future we would like to really start being focused on community events.”

Walker said currently, most activities run through Cultural Administrator Rafferty Clearly. Walker said as the town grows and more events come, it starts to outgrow a one person job.

Walker said the work session received representation from civic groups in the town. Walker said at this time, the make up of the council is unknown. Walker said he has been looking at other cities as examples for future discussion.


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