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New Bobby Q’s Owner Keeping Tradition With Some New Additions

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Bobby Q’s Owner Keeping Tradition With Some New Additions

Cookeville’s Bobby Q’s officially has a new owner.

After 37 years, Mike Migliore has sold the restaurant to Monell’s Owner Michael King. King currently operates a Nashville dinner and catering company. He said he saw a news story about the restaurant that lead to his interest.

“I was touched to the point that if we don’t start taking care of our mom and pops, we are starting to lose the fabric of our communities,” King said. “So, I had called up Mike and said I would like to meet you and if there is something we could work out.”

“I showed up on the closing day,” King said. “I met them an hour before they were closing that day, and I just told them that I think it is more important to keep the tradition going, and I think it’s more important to keep what he has established and keep on going for a 10,15, 20 years, so we made a deal.”

King said there will be a few renovations made to the restaurant. King said service will move away from servers. You will instead place orders at a counter with the food brought to your table. King said he is also making some appearance upgrades and adding a patio

“We’re taking what needs to happen, as well as the tradition and forming something that we feel will be a real good mix that people will not feel out of place in,” King said.

Customers can also expect some new items to try along with some of the original menu selections. King said he will be bringing the Monell’s fried chicken and brisket to the restaurant.

King said the goal is to open around the Fourth of July. Cookeville is a thriving community that he is excited to join, King said.

“I remember driving on a Monday at 5 o’clock and seeing downtown with a volume of business, and there are incredible restaurants that are there,” King said. “It’s central located to Nashville and Knoxville, and it just has a great vibe to it.”


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