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White Co Leaders Start Conversations About Improved School Safety

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
White Co Leaders Start Conversations About Improved School Safety

White County Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger will meet with emergency management leaders Friday to start conversations about school safety.

Dronebarger gave an update to the school board on the strategy Thursday night. Dronebarger said he will work with the Sparta Police Chief, County Sheriff, Fire Chief and 9-11 Director.

“This initial meeting is kind of like a 30,000 foot view, get thoughts and opinions and start the conversation at that level,” Dronebarger said. “Then, we will start to fold in our administrators and start looking at specifics at each of our campuses.”

Dronebarger said the tragedy of Uvalde, Texas made him think of his own community. Dronebarger said as a school director, he thought about how the system could could do its part to prevent an incident.

“We do lots, but there is always lots more to do,” Dronebarger said. “As tragic as these events are, they are an opportunity to look at ourselves to get better and get safer.”

Dronebarger said in July, the district will undergo its yearly school safety audit, as well. Dronebarger said the 80 question checklist made by the Department of Homeland Security will give initial recommendations for improvement.

“I don’t know if there is a full proof answer to any of that, but we’re certainly going to take strides to make our school safer, and those talks will start tomorrow,” Dronebarger said.

In other business, the school board approved a lease agreement for a two-room portable classroom. Dronebarger said the  facility will take about $25,000 to install, cost $1,900 a month for rent and $12,000 to remove it.

Dronebarger said the classrooms will hold the students of what is called the “short building,” which will be demolished over the summer as a part of the BonDeCroft expansion project.


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