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White Co BOE Adds Budget Talks To Committee Meetings

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
White Co BOE Adds Budget Talks To Committee Meetings

The White County Board of Education made some changes to its committee meetings that are held before official business Thursday.

A motion was unanimously approved to add budget discussions to the work session prior to business. School Board Member Dewayne Howard introduced the idea for change at a previous school board meeting.

“It’s nothing that I have any desire to be critical about,” Howard said. “It is just to be informed, and I think that would be a good positive thing for each school board member to participate in.”

Before, budget amendments or grants were generally first opened for discussion during regular business. Chair Jayson McDonald said he spoke with legal advisement to ensure the change was allowed by the board’s by-laws.

“I spoke with Ben Torres who is the TSBA attorney and asked the question about being able to take and move the budget talks into our policy and maintenance committee meetings that start at 5 o’clock,” McDonald said. “I’m going to propose tonight that we change the name of our Policy and Maintenance Committee meeting from that to the Policy, Maintenance and Budget Committee, so we can in go depth.”

McDonald said the committee meetings can happen as long as the school appropriately advertises to the general public. These work sessions begin at 5:00 p.m. before every board meeting that starts at 6:00 p.m.

“We have the budget amendments and transfers in our packets to be able to look over before we get here, but we may have questions,” McDonald said. “This will give us the time to sit down and ask those questions.”

McDonald said the length of the regular board meetings will also be shortened as a result.


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