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Byrdstown Aldermen Approves Budget With Employee Raise

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Byrdstown Aldermen Approves Budget With Employee Raise

The Byrdstown Board of Aldermen approved a $1.4 million general fund budget Monday night that included city employee raises.

Mayor Sam Gibson said the budget includes a pay increase from $10 to $12 for city employees. Gibson said the increase will hopefully benefit employee recruiting efforts. The new pay will take effect July 1st.

Gibson said revenue for the next fiscal year is estimated at about $1 million versus about $800,000 of expenditures. However, Gibson said he may have over-estimated revenue.

“I never over-estimate my revenue, but this year I’m going to question whether I might’ve got it a little close or not,” Gibson said. “Talking with the game warden today I said ‘I bet there’s a lot of people hitting the lakes and the lakes are kind of getting crowded aren’t they?’ He looked at me and shook his head and he said ‘No’.”

Gibson said the property tax rate will remain the same. He said the tax has stayed at a rate of .498 for previous years.

“That rate has been there for a long time, probably five or six years, I think it was a little over 50 once then we dropped it back down,” Gibson said. “So basically the same as last year, pretty much the same as previous years going way back also.”

The sewer and water fund needed further explanation to the Board. Gibson said the $11 million balance may have seemed high, but it accounted for all of the town’s equity.

“That takes in water plants, pumping stations, water lines, whatever we own that’s included there,” Gibson said. “It makes us look like we’ve got a lot of money laying there ready to spend but we don’t. That’s our assets.”

Gibson said about $115,000 was budgeted for the fire department. A three percent increase in the water and sewer budget was also included. Gibson said the increase is normal.

“A few years back our budget was not hardly above water,” Gibson said. “We got a nice letter from the comptrollers saying we’re going to approve your budget, but make sure it’s above water.”

A second reading will occur on June 27th for final adoption.


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