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Jackson Student Leading 4-H Dairy Month In Her Community

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Student Leading 4-H Dairy Month In Her Community

The month of June is Dairy Month as local 4-H’ers showcase the industry to the community.

Jackson County Student Savannah Agee serving a second year as the county’s chairperson. Agee said from school visits to senior centers, she spends this month promoting the industry.

“Dairy Month is not only to educate our community about the dairy industry and how dairy can fit into your everyday diet and benefit you healthwise, but I think it is to unite our community,” Agee said.

Agee said she will attend summer schools to make homemade ice cream with students as well as traveling to Mayberry Assisted Living to make smoothies. Agee said the local ag extension office is also holding a milk mustache contest and a dairy scavenger hunt at the end of the month.

“It is through 4-H, because they team up with the Dairy Alliance, which is a national organization,” Agee said. “But, the ag extension office definitely does a lot to help me prepare for the month and supply me with teaching aid.”

Agee said she believes agriculture is a building block of Jackson County that brings people together. Agee said by sharing knowledge about the dairy industry, farmers throughout the community can work better to together.

“Every where you look there is a farm,” Agee said. “Maybe it’s a family-owned farm or an industrial farm. We provide for ourselves and a lot of people provide for people around them. Agricultural is what our community is based on, because everybody in my area farms in their own way.”

Agee said on June 27th, she will be at the Granville Senior Center. The next day she will be at Mayberry Assisted Living. Agee said to participate in the milk mustache, find her on Facebook for more information.

Agee said the county-wide scavenger hunt will occur from the 27th to the 30th. Agee said you can turn in your findings to the ag extension office for a prize.


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