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Juneteenth: A Day To Remember And Celebrate

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Juneteenth: A Day To Remember And Celebrate

Federal, state and local offices observed the Juneteenth holiday Monday.

Cookeville NAACP Branch President Tom Savage said the day is meant to remember the freedom of the slaves who were emancipated in 1863.

“Well, our trials make us strong, and our history means so much, and it should not be forgotten,” Savage said. “As people of color, especially African Americans, they went through so much during that time.”

Savage said if we consider the many hurdles people of color had to endure compared to where we are today, we have a lot of catching up to do.

“We’re not where we want to be, but we’re not where we used to be,” Savage said.

Savage said he believes it’s good to reflect back on significant events like this, so people don’t make the same mistakes again. Savage said education is very important regarding this topic.

“Growing up here as a Tennessean, it was never mentioned in the history books at all,” Savage said. “I’m pretty much an older-type guy, but I’ve studied Tennessee history and you’ve heard a lot about the famous Tennesseans Andrew Jackson and Cordell Hull but Juneteenth was never mentioned at all.”

Savage believes that Juneteenth is beginning to resonate in a bigger way within the black community.

“Our community is truly participating and remembering that time and realizing that we stand on the shoulders of a lot of people that have suffered to get us here thus far,” Savage said.

“What we want to do, not only the NAACP but other social justice movements and civil rights movements is make sure we give individual communication,” Savage said. “Whether it be in our churches or schools to talk to young men and women of color, to talk about our past for them to realize how we got here.”

Savage said it is important to inspire young men and women of color and the many opportunities ahead of them. He cited multiple historical examples to give young adults positive information about the history within many different backgrounds.

“Once we catch them up on our past and we know that they got it, we also want to talk to them about how it has given an opportunity for Thurgood Marshall, Dr. King, and other folks who have participated in the Constitution and now they have strong examples of people of color,” Savage said.

Savage said recognizing Juneteenth as a federal holiday is a great way to continue educating people on the topic.


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