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Celina Aldermen Approves New Insurance Provider

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Celina Aldermen Approves New Insurance Provider

The Celina Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday night to provide employee family insurance through a new firm — and pay 80 percent of the premiums.

The company Benefits Blueprint Partners will provide coverage moving forward. Mayor Luke Collins said a situation with an employee caused the change.

“It was just unacceptable for that employee already going through a difficult medical situation, and then add on top of that a difficult insurance situation,” Collins said. “We just feel like that is unacceptable.”

Collins said the city was already exploring new options, but an employee faced issues with getting reimbursements expediting the decision. Collins said under the agreement, the city will pay 80 percent of premiums.

“All the employees that I spoke with were positive about this proposed change and working with this group,” Collins said.

Insurance Advisor Tim Herndon said beside the premium change, no other changes will come to the plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Herndon said the company will however reduce the amount of paperwork employees must handle.

“The difference is now you’re not going to have to keep receipts,” Herndon said. “You’ll have an ID card, Blue Cross Blue Shield card. You show it to them and they will file for you. We will also pull the explanation of benefits to hold.”

The plan will still provide employees with a pre-loaded card that has $1,000 for charges such as dental and vision. Then, the next $3,000 is on the employee. If another $3,000 is needed, the city pays it.

In other business, the Aldermen made final approval of a Private Act that would increase pay for elected officials. State Representative Kelly Keisling presented the passed legislation Tuesday night.

In the next administration, Aldermen will make $300 a meeting, $100 for special called meeting and to not exceed $600 in a month. The mayor’s compensation will be 2/3 of what the Clay County mayor makes.


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