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Cookeville Planning Commission Approves Timberwalk Plat Monday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Planning Commission Approves Timberwalk Plat Monday

Cookeville Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for Timberwalk Subdivision at its meeting Monday night.

The Timberwalk Subdivision, located on Lovelady Road consists of approximately 292 building lots, and 17 community lots. Nine streets will be constructed.

Two streets will connect to Lovelady Road. Planning Director Jon Ward said commission members expressed concern during a work session about Timberwalk Trail, one of the connectors to Lovelady. Commission members worried about the long, straight street with one intersection that could lead to high speeds through the subdivision.

“The police department felt like a four-way intersection would be acceptable,” Ward said. “They recommend that we reduce the speed limits in here to 20 mph that’s their recommended speed limit due to the density.”

Planning Commissioners discussed a possible roundabout at the intersection. He said Public Works officials were unsure that the traffic demand would justify a roundabout.

“Public Works felt like that four-way stop and high-res piano key crosswalks at that intersection,” Ward said. “They also recommended installing some rumble strips like we see on Dixie just to warn of a stop ahead for the long approach on Timberwalk Lane.”

Public works officials said they worried about the long-term impact on curbs using roundabouts inside the development, Ward said.

“Their recommendation was to make those improvements, to make that intersection acceptable,” Ward said. “They felt like that would control the speeds and alleviate concerns with someone driving at excessive speeds down there with the housing density we have.”

Ward said public water services will connect to an already-existing six-inch water line located in the South Lovelady Road right of way. He said the developer must determine how water will be installed and coordinate the service and location of individual meters for each lot alongside the Water Quality Control Department.

“City Council approved a cost-share agreement with Titan Development to extend sewer from the Hudgens Creek pump station to the subject property after the June 26th, 2022 council meeting,” Ward said. “Public sewer will connect to the new sewer line being installed along South Lovelady Road.”

Ward said the Cookeville Electric Department requires 15-foot utility easements at the front of all lots. He said if the developer requests gas hook-up for the development, the gas department will require plans for installation.

“The developer has advised Clinton Engineering will be preparing all required engineering plans for the development including storm-water drainage features,” Ward said.

Ward said the developer must submit the necessary documentation to the Public Works department for the proposed development. Ward cited the department’s request that the developer provides all items listed in the sub-rates for the city of Cookeville.


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