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Check Pressure Canner For Accuracy Before Canning

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Check Pressure Canner For Accuracy Before Canning

Pressure canner serves a vital role when it comes to preserving foods in the canning process.

Putnam UT Extension Agent Michele Parrott said that when preserving certain foods like corn or beans, a pressure canner withstands higher temperatures than a water bath could. She said that as another canning season approaches, it’s important to make sure your pressure canner is in working condition.

“Definitely make sure there is a gasket under that lid you want to make sure your gasket is in good working condition because it is what helps with the seal if you have a gasket,” Parrott said. “And you want to get that out and make sure there are no crevices on that, it’s not bent, or it’s not chipped in certain places because that can happen over the year. Just make sure it’s a good fit.”

Parrott said that without the seal of the canner, it can create leaks or incorrect pressure. She said that if you have a dial pressure canner, you can bring it to the Putnam County Extension office to test your gauge for accurate pressure.

Parrott said that when it comes to canning, certain products don’t need a pressure canner. She said that boiling water bath canning is for foods high in acidity, like berries, tomatoes, and other fruits.


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