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Putnam Finds Area Not Covered By An Utility District

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Finds Area Not Covered By An Utility District

While surveying residential interest for public water, Putnam County found a small area that does not fall under a utility district.

Mayor Randy Porter said several residents want water service on Blaylock Mountain Road between Algood and Monterey.

“That’s kind of odd,” Porter said. “I would have thought back when those utility districts were created that they would have took up the whole county, but we found that as we were working on this. We got to figure out what a solution is for it.”

Porter said the most simple solution, asking Algood, Monterey or North Overton Utility District to cover the area. Porter said another option would be creating its own utility district.

As for other areas that want water, Porter said Calfkiller Highway remains a priority. Porter said he is working with Monterey and the O’Connor Utility District in White County on cost estimates.

“Very bad terrain and a lot of people in that area have sulfur wells and don’t have really good water resources and have to haul water in the summer time when it gets dry,” Porter said.

Porter said once the estimates are worked out, he will present the project for the commission to consider. Porter said if approved, the county would bid out the work with Monterey maintaining the infrastructure once completed.

“O’Connor is working with them in case they need to bring the water from the lower end rather than the other end,” Porter said. “There is a lot of terrain problems.”

Porter said the last utility project being considered is for Macedonia. Porter said Cookeville is currently reviewing the feasibility at this time.

The reason for the partnership of these projects is to lower the local match required for the state ARP funding. TDEC also will better value projects with multiple entities when considering the non-competitive grants.


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