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Eldridge Reflects on Coaching in Tom Davis Memorial Stadium

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Eldridge Reflects on Coaching in Tom Davis Memorial Stadium

Livingston Academy’s new football stadium means a chapter of Livingston Academy has come to a close.

Tom Davis Memorial Stadium has been home to the Wildcats since it was constructed in 1975. Former Football Head Coach from 1996-2005 and previous Director of Schools Matt Eldridge said the stadium was home to many great accomplishments.

“One of the things, I think in ’81 was the first-ever playoff game hosted at that field, then I think in ’92, was their first ever win in a playoff game,” Eldridge said. “Bruce just talked about the first-ever semi-final game that was at that field, and it was just incredible.”

Eldridge said the stadium meant a lot to him as well as many others. He said he wouldn’t trade his coaching memories for anything.

“Every year I coach I hope I got to be a better coach, I know Coach Lamb and we all feel that same way, you get better every year,” Eldridge said. “Even sometimes you learn more during the tough times than you do during the easy times.”

Eldridge said he wanted to help ensure the team’s success on and off the field as a coach. He said his main goal was to help the young men develop into the great men they have become today.

“As a coach, you want to see the great kids excel, and you see the kids that didn’t think they could be great, they excel,” Eldridge said. “As long as they’re learning and getting better and they’re going to remember it, that’s a win, it doesn’t matter if they are the best that’s ever been through or not the best, they are still learning and teaching us stuff to.”

Eldridge said the decision to tear down the previous stadium was a good one. He said there was certainly a need for a new stadium.

“Everybody wants to hang on to everything, but there’s a time you’ve got to let it go and build something new, bigger, and better and I hope that’s what this will be,” Eldridge said.

Eldridge said he looks forward to attending more games in the new stadium as a fan once the construction is complete.

“I’ve retired from education now, I just retired at Christmas, so I’m trying to enjoy just going to watch,” Eldridge said. “I’ll get to go watch some of the LA games and probably go see Coach Lamb at Celina and his Clay County games too.”

Construction on the new stadium at Livingston Academy is continuing in preparation for the upcoming season.


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