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Shade And Water Keys To Prevent Livestock Heat Stress

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Shade And Water Keys To Prevent Livestock Heat Stress

High temperatures in the Upper Cumberland can be cause for concern for livestock.

Overton UT Extension Agent Jason Garrett said that the two most important factors for keeping livestock healthy are having plenty of water and plenty of shade. He said heat stress can lead to illness, shock, or sometimes death.

“Most beef producers with what it costs of the input of cattle production now, we do not need to do,” Garrett said. “So any management practices if you’re going to do them, postpone weaning, if you’re doing any health maintenance on them do it at daylight and be sure to get it done as quick as possible.”

Garrett said that the livestock most susceptible to heat stress are hogs, as they are unable to sweat. He said that Angus beef cattle also have a high risk because of their darker colors.

Garrett said a good idea would be to increase the opportunities for water so animals don’t have to walk as far to get it.  He said it’s important to exercise caution because heat can do a lot of damage if not taken seriously.

“If you have a cow that’s out and running around, they’re getting hot and that can be drastic,” Garrett said. “Weaning calves right now is just a bad idea to do right because it’s so hot. If you’re going to transport, if you’ve got any animals you’re wanting to sell, try to get them to the livestock facility that you’re marketing your animals at earlier in the morning. You definitely don’t want to wait until it’s hot and you load them all up in the trailer and it’s tight and it’s humid and hot in there. Just another thing to consider.”


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