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MTAS To Assist Livingston In Search For Next Police Chief

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
MTAS To Assist Livingston In Search For Next Police Chief

Livingston Board of Aldermen decided to utilize the services of MTAS in the process to find the next police chief.

Aldermen heard from Municipal Management Consultant Warren Nevad at its meeting Monday night. Nevad said MTAS can perform a comprehensive process that includes structured interviews, exercises, and a simulated press conference.

“MTAS, we do not tell you who you should hire, you know your community far better than we,” Nevad said. “Our job is to guide you through the process and help you meet all deadlines and help you come up with the best match for the position.”

Alderman Kelly Coleman said he had a strong opinion the city shouldn’t use MTAS. He said he believes the city already has the right candidate in Interim Chief Ray Smith, and that it would be a “slap in the face” after his hard work in the last 30 days taking over the department. In addition, Coleman voiced concern about the starting salary of $38,000 could limit the pool of applicants.

Alderman James Clough said while he agrees that Smith could very well be the best candidate, the city should look at doing the search the right way. Nevad said theoretically if MTAS had been the professionals to interview former Chief Greg Etheredge, it could have identified management deficiencies that led to this situation. The Board of Aldermen conducted those interviews and hired the chief itself at that time.

“None of us can see into the future and know what’s going to happen a few months from now,” Clough said. “It was suggested at one time that we include an outside look as well as an inside look into looking for the chief. And my opinion would be, and we have heard great things about Chief Smith, we have heard great things about Chief Smith. And in that case, I don’t think we should shy away from looking at other applicants and seeing what’s there.”

Mayor Curtis Hayes said the City of Livingston would be in charge throughout the process.

“I’ve seen MTAS and I’ve talked with other cities where MTAS has come in,” Hayes said. “And they have been very happy and very proud with the process and the service that MTAS provides at no cost to the city.”

The motion to use MTAS to put out the ad notice for the position as well as use them for their assistance in the hiring process passed with three yes’s, and one no by Coleman.


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