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Elder Gives Update on First Four Days of School Monday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Elder Gives Update on First Four Days of School Monday

Enrollment holding its own as the Pickett County School District returned to the classroom.

Pickett County Schools’ first official day back in session with students was held Wednesday, August 3rd. Director of Schools Diane Elder provided an update on how the first four days of school have gone Monday evening.

“So far everything has went great, we’ve got a great set of parents, and all of our parents have been very cooperative,” Elder said. “We’re trying to get back to as normal as possible to more like we were pre-covid.”

Elder said everybody is doing great working together once again. Elder said attendance within the school system is “holding it’s own” as well.

“We’ve had several to leave, but we’ve had several to move in,” Elder said. “I think we’ll be okay attendance-wise, right now we’re actually a couple ahead of what we were last year, so that’s good.”

Elder also cited the importance of morale within the school system and its impact. She said she believes teachers and students are each happy to be back.

“I think we’re excited to get back to a more normal year and hopefully we can stay that way,” Elder said.

Elder noted that the amount of positive covid cases may be on the rise too. She said she hopes the school system never needs to return to an online learning format.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to stay doing things as we are right now,” Elder said. “I hope it doesn’t come to the day of having to go back to the masks and all that.”

Elder also applauded the local teachers and all of their hard work. She said the Pickett County School District has a wonderful group of employees.

“The teachers seem to have a good morale, everybody was having a good time at our in-service, and that’s always a plus,” Elder said.


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