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Crossville Mayor On Timing Of City Manager’s Resignation

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Crossville Mayor On Timing Of City Manager’s Resignation

Crossville Mayor James Mayberry called the timing of City Manager Greg Wood’s resignation “interesting.”

Mayberry said Wood submitted his resignation Wednesday before the city received final results of an investigation over the Village Inn closure.

“Mr. Wood he agrees that he is the top of the chain, and he doesn’t take any responsibility, but he says that for what went on that he is responsible for overseeing these employees,” Mayberry said. “That’s why he’s going with a resignation to move on.”

The investigation is reviewing what seems to be a coordinated effort to shut down the motel. Mayberry said the codes, fire and police departments all showed up at the location at one time for what was a supposed “drug bust.”

“I don’t know who gave the okay for what and that’s why we are having an investigation,” Mayberry said. “Basically, what I would tell you is hearsay. There’s ways to do things, and this was not done that way. This started as a drug bust supposedly. That’s where the warrant came from for a unit, and then it ends up with the whole complex being shut down and everybody being told they have to leave by 8:00 o’clock that night. As far as I know, there was no arrest. It’s just interesting how it came all together.”

In a letter to Mayberry, Wood wrote, “Although the recent condemnation action against the Village Inn was carried out contrary to my instructions to contact the city attorney prior to any execution, in my capacity as the city manager it still falls upon my shoulders to take responsibility.”

Mayberry said that Wood oversees the departments and did not consult the city attorney, city council or himself about any actions. However, Wood was out sick the day of the motel closure. He was later suspended for three weeks by the city council during the same meeting the investigation was approved.

Without the final investigation results, Mayberry said it’s hard to say who is responsible. A special called meeting will happen Tuesday afternoon to discuss the situation further.


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