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Clay School Board Requesting Bids for Rest Area Improvements

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Clay School Board Requesting Bids for Rest Area Improvements

The Clay County School Board approved requesting bids for rest area and restroom improvements within the school system.

Chairman Benji Bailey said they are currently in the preliminary phase of multiple renovation projects. One of which is a plumbing project at the Celina K-8 facility.

“We are in the process of looking at our options for redoing some bathrooms and upgrading several rest areas for our students,” Bailey said. “Additionally, we’re doing something very similar at Hermitage Springs to upgrade bathrooms and restroom facilities there.”

Bailey said the projects are needed as the buildings continue to age. He said it’s important to take care of the buildings while the Board has the opportunity.

“Our buildings at this point are older, probably significantly older than some school systems around,” Bailey said. “With the federal funding that’s available at this point, we can upgrade several of our restroom facilities that will benefit all of our students and faculty throughout our system.”

Bailey said he is optimistic that the School Board will receive multiple bids in the coming weeks in order to continue their work on the projects.

“Hopefully by next month in September, we will receive multiple bids that we will be able to evaluate and determine their effectiveness and value to our school system,” Bailey said. “We will then be able to accept some bids at that point and move forward with the projects.”

Bailey said he is confident the Board will find plenty of outside interest in the project, in hopes the competition benefits the success of the project.


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