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Putnam Co Fair Entering Its Closing Weekend

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Co Fair Entering Its Closing Weekend

A big turnout expected at the closing weekend of the Putnam County Fair after inclement weather shut down the event Wednesday night.

Public Relations Chair Dawson Davidson said the motorcycle races scheduled for that night have now moved to Sunday.

“It brings in almost right under $1 million of revenue to the county, because the fairgrounds is county-owned,” Davidson said. “When you’re renting so many hotel rooms, you’re having people come in and spend so much revenue in this facility on food and attractions. It really brings in a lot of money and attraction to the community as far as publicity goes.”

Davidson said there are four new rides this year at the annual event. He said many people get excited about the fair because there are not only attractions for the children but for the adults as well.

“Attractions also mean the barnyard and other things that can be going on at the fair in the grandstands or in the main arena that are still considered an attraction it’s just not something you’re going to ride on, but there’s plenty here to see,” Davidson said.

Davidson also cited the misconception that many of the fair’s attractions are unsafe. He said James Gang Amusement inspects and ensures the safety of each ride nightly. Davidson said the fair board has become very acquainted with the representatives and trusts their judgment for the safety of others.

“It’s not like we just hire this crew in from out of town and they come and set up and we have no correlation with them, they actually are good friends and supporters of the fair,” Davidson said. “They are very serious about keeping everyone’s safety their first priority.”

The nine-year Fair Board member noted that he nor other Fair Board members are paid for their work during the week-long event. He said they see themselves simply as strong supporters of agriculture.

“We’re making sure that the public gets a great insight into what we care about so much,” Davidson said. “There are older Fair Board members that are still working that take their vacation to work on the fair, and that’s a sacrifice they are willing to make because they love the fair so much.”

Davidson cited how much he values his position and being able to help provide a week of fun for the Upper Cumberland. He said he views it as a personal duty to advocate for fairs and agriculture.

“Everyone on the Fair Board has so many talents in the areas that they work in that it really is the best of all things being showcased to the community,” Davidson said. “As we are volunteers, you wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t have a love for it and I think it’s important that people recognize we’re serious about being here and advocating for what we love.”


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