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Speck Denies Allegations From 2019 Incident

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Speck Denies Allegations From 2019 Incident

Former Livingston Alderman Chris Speck denied domestic violence allegations in a May 2019 incident saying if real domestic violence had occurred, he would have been arrested.

District Attorney Bryant Dunaway released a letter Monday on an investigation performed by his office and agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation into the potential failure by the Livingston Police Department to investigate the incident. Speck said in a statement the letter includes information “falsely written and (…) also left out the main officer’s report that evening.”

Speck said Livingston Officer Jonathan Storie, one of the officers on the scene that night, said the officer believed there was no evidence of wrongdoing. In the report, Storie said he did not realize a domestic violence incident had been reported. Speck said he never asked for any special treatment.

Speck said he believes this is “a political stunt to use blackmail.”

Speck’s daughter also provided a statement. She said when she was 15, she made a bad decision that resulted in the anger of her parents, but that no domestic violence occurred.

Sergeant Bruce Matthews of the Livingston Police Department provided Dunaway with police video footage from the 2019 incident involving Speck, his wife, and their then 15-year-old daughter.

The letter included details involving the situation.

“The video depicts Ms. Wendy Speck sitting in the passenger seat of a Livingston Police patrol car speaking with a female officer. Ms. Speck reports to the officer that she had been involved in a domestic assault case involving her husband, Chris Speck. Ms. Wendy Speck asks the officer to call then-Police Chief Greg Etheredge. The video captures a conversation between then Chief Etheredge and Ms. Wendy Speck. In that conversation, Ms. Speck discloses to Etheredge that a domestic violence incident had happened that night involving her husband, Chris Speck. She discloses to Etheredge that there is a hole in the wall in ‘the carriage house’ where Speck had put their daughter’s head through the wall.”

Dunaway said he can’t speak as to whether the allegation itself is true, as the report indicates there was no evidence it was ever investigated.

The report indicated that two criminal offenses were committed, including official misconduct and failure to report suspected child abuse. The report states that TBI agents attempted to interview members of the Speck family, but they declined interviews.


Chris and Wendy Speck’s full statement:

“This is all a political stunt to use blackmail to get what you want. I find it interesting that they just made me out to be an abusive parent and not explain why anything happened. I never put my child’s head through a wall! As Officer Storie said he didn’t even realize this was a domestic. If this would have been a real domestic I would have been arrested. I also never asked for any favors that night. I explained the situation and it was dismissed. Officer Storie said he saw no evidence of wrongdoing. We don’t understand why the lead officer that evening wasn’t even spoke about in this report. There is one alderman that has bullied his way into the police department and found this event from 3 years ago and is trying to use it as a misuse of the office. What’s the difference?”


Emma Speck’s full statement:

“I don’t know if you know me or not but my name is Emma Speck. I am 18 and I’m currently majoring in political science at ttu. I plan on attending law school one day and focusing in either criminal defense or civil rights. I have always wanted to help people to the best of my ability. my dream goal is the be a philanthropist, and you know who taught me that? my parents. I have always grown up in a very strong and loving household. I can come to my parents about anything and they have always showed me that no matter what happens i can tell them anything. the past couple of months have been challenging for my family. we have seen so many people that we have always loved and stick up for turn on us. We have seen hate and we have seen the devil. three years ago when i was 15 not even a sophomore in highschool I made a stupid decision. my dad got mad at me (rightfully so) and so did my mom (rightfully so as well). nobody was harmed and no head was put through a wall. this feels crazy even talking about. that evening there were many emotions shared and everyone just needed a minute to breathe. there were a lot of things said that night that wasn’t true as well. I think everyone can understand being upset and saying things they didn’t mean or wasn’t true. I believe everyone understands that there is a lot of things that happened behind doors that should stay behind doors. there is a lot of stuff that you would not want blasted all over the internet. nobody knows my family like i know my family. My mom taught me how to love myself and not put up with anyone who gives me less than what i deserve. my dad taught me how to be strong. he showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. and together my parents taught me how to love, like i seriously cannot wait to be in love with someone like they are. i know my parents would never hurt or abuse me. they teach me lessons that I will need in life. they have gave me more than i need in life that i will forever be thankful for. and if you know my parents personally you know the love they radiate to others. I have never asked for prayers but please pray for my family. pray for 15 year old me that made a stupid decision and landed me in this spot. pray for the couple that has shown their kids Jesus and try their hardest everyday. pray for the mom that sees her daughter going through a hardship. pray for the dad who loves their daughter endlessly and would do anything for them. pray for the people that take to social media and try to take down a strong family. I promise I am a very approachable person and if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything at all reach out to me. I would be more than willing to talk about anything. just know in a very dark world you have me in your corner cheering and wishing for the best possible outcome for everyone.”


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