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Gainesboro Tables Discussions On TEMA Generator Grant

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Tables Discussions On TEMA Generator Grant

Gainesboro Board of Aldermen tabled discussions regarding the city’s participation in a TEMA hazard mitigation grant to purchase generators.

Mayor Lloyd Williams said the grant would be a 90-10 match, but that 10 percent match could be expensive. Williams said they wanted to wait to get quotes for the pricing of generators.

“We’ve kicked this around,” Williams said. “We have a contract right now with Xylem. If we need generators they will come down here and them to us within 24 hours. The cost wasn’t much at all, $2,800 (a month) to come down here.”

Williams said since they don’t use the generators that frequently, it might not be worth the investment. The hazard mitigation grant allows entities to apply for up to 25 generators, but there is no minimum.

Town Clerk Lisa Dodson said there could be concerns when it comes to the wastewater treatment plant. She said there will be a generator for the water at the new plant, but if there are no generators for the sewer, they can’t pump it back. Water Plant Manager Jerry Rhoten said the plant is able to last until the contracted generators arrive in 24 hours.

“We’ve been doing pretty decently on water recently,” Rhoten said. “And as long as we’ve got water storage, we can make that last about 24 hours. We can last until they get us a generator.”

Williams said they would wait to receive more information and price quotes, and go from there.

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