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Queen Elizabeth II Dies At 96

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Queen Elizabeth II Dies At 96

Queen Elizabeth II passed away Thursday at the age of 96-years-old.

She was the longest serving monarch in British history after reigning for 70 years. Tennessee Tech Adjunct Professor Sylvia Horn said she has seen the Queen in-person over 20 times and will always remember the elegance of her majesty.

“She was wonderful,” Horn said. “I know a few times leaving the Royal Ascot she was looking right at me. She was very beautiful, and I think she has been a good Queen. It will change the world, England and the Commonwealth will never be the same.”

Horn said when she heard the news, she couldn’t help but to shake. Horn has followed the Queen for all of her life and felt like she had grown to know her.

“That’s just been my thing going to England and seeing her,” Horn said. “I was over there this summer at some royal events. She is just in my heart. Even though I am an American Citizen, I still say God save the Queen.”

Horn said several ceremonies already planned in the operation called “London Bridge” will now occur honoring the Queen’s life. Horn said Prince Charles will now take the seat as King. Prince William will become the Prince of Wales, the second in line.

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