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Stink Bugs Looking For Warmth In Your Home

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Stink Bugs Looking For Warmth In Your Home

Seeing a sudden increase in stink bugs? Stink bugs are searching for a place to live this winter which means you may see more of the brown bug in your home.

Putnam County Extension Agent Wayne Key said as the season transitions to fall, the insects seek places to enter your home before cold weather arrives.

“The brown marmorated stink bug is not a problem with structures,” Key said. “They’re not going to reproduce in your home. You’re not going to see millions of them next spring. The ones that come in are simply over wintering. They enter around cracks, windows, doors and under sidings.”

Key said the best way to avoid stink bugs is be sealing exterior cracks or holes with some sort of sealant. Key said besides being a nuisance, there are not many issues related to humans besides an occasional allergy.

“Especially people that are sensitive to chemicals or smells for example,” Key said. “It is kind of like cockroaches and lady beetles. They have a similar effect to those type of people. So, people need to make sure not to smash or crush them if you have sensitivities.”

Key said the bug however can be an issue for fruit trees. Key said if you find a stink bug inside, he recommends using a vacuum to avoid an odor and skin contact. Key said there are no over the counter insecticides approved for in-home use for the bug. Instead, contact a professional if you have an issue.


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