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Gov. Lee Launches $100M Violent Crime Intervention Fund

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gov. Lee Launches $100M Violent Crime Intervention Fund

Governor Bill Lee has launched the $100 million Violent Crime Intervention Fund where local law enforcement can apply for grant funding.

Tennessee Sheriff’s Association President Eddie Farris said the work has been some two years in the making. As the Putnam County Sheriff, Farris said they will likely put their funding towards more license plate readers.

“Bad people come into our community and do havoc or have done havoc in other parts of the state or another state and come to our community and travel down certain roads,” Farris said. “This will give us an opportunity to track those individuals.”

Farris said the funding can also be used towards things like community-based programs, training, and other equipment like radios. He said that grants will be awarded in a hybrid model, with every local law enforcement agency guaranteed a minimum grant.

Farris said that drug trafficking is one of the biggest contributors to violent crime in the Upper Cumberland. He said that drug trafficking can lead to theft, assaults, and even homicides. He said illegal drug activity often plays a role in those types of crimes.

“It’ll be interesting to see how they base the money off of, but most of the time it’s based on crime data and population and things like that,” Farris said. “It gives every agency everywhere a chance to apply and get some monies to help whether it’s equipment or programs or whatever they might need in their community to fight violent crime.”

Farris said they have to apply by January. He said the grant will run from March of 2023 to June of 2025.


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