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Days Left To Sign Up For tnAchieves Mentor Program

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Days Left To Sign Up For tnAchieves Mentor Program

tnAchieves still short about 3,000 mentors across the state as the October 21st sign-up deadline approaches.

Senior Director of Mentors Tyler Ford said mentors can serve as a support system for students who might not otherwise have help as they navigate the college-going process.

“It’s really really gratifying, it makes a huge difference,” Ford said. “And I would add too is that we don’t ask our mentors to know all of the ins and outs all of the x’s and o’s of the college-going process. We’re there to help them if it ever gets tricky. What we really need from volunteer mentors is one hour a month when they can support students, encourage students, and just invest that time into personally guiding them.”

Ford said Upper Cumberland school systems are averaging a need for about 20 more mentors. He said that Putnam County needs about 50 more mentors.

Ford said that if the program does not get all of the volunteers needed, that will increase the student-to-mentor ratio. He said while the organization works to ensure no student is without support, having every volunteer slot filled will increase the chance of a more personalized relationship.

“The real power of our mentoring program is the fact that our students are entering their senior year and entering kind of a challenging transition period but they’ve never had someone from the community step into their life, take a proactive interest, and say I’m here to help you and I believe in you and I want you to be successful,” Ford said. “Whether that’s enrolling in a community college or getting a technical certificate.”

Ford said all you have to do to get started as a mentor and visit the website at He said as soon as you sign up, they will set you up with training and a handbook and begin the work for 2023.


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