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Livingston Alderman Asks MTAS About Term Limits

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Alderman Asks MTAS About Term Limits

Conversation over the last several months about the need for term limits among Livingston elected officialss continue.

Alderman Rex Dale asked for MTAS’s input during a Tuesday work session after receiving questions from constituents.

“So I had somebody ask me about term limits,” Dale said. “As far as the city of Livingston goes, would we have or have we had enough participation to recommend two-term limits for elected officials?”

MTAS Consultant Warren Nevad said he thinks term limits are more effective in larger communities rather than cities like Livingston. Nevad said in smaller communities, it can be a challenge to find qualified candidates to run.

“It takes a lot to run for office these days,” Nevad said. “You’re opening yourself up to the whole world, and a lot of people who would otherwise would be qualified are not interested in running in office. So what happens in smaller towns it becomes more of challenge to get good people to run to office.”

Alderman David Langford said in his opinion, elections alone are enough of a term limit. After the discussion, Dale said the feedback answered his question.

During the same work session, Mayor Curtis Hayes proposed that the city changes it charter to move election day from Wednesday to Tuesday. Hayes said he would also like to see Aldermen take office a month after the June election rather than waiting until September.

The changes will require the Board of Aldermen to pass a resolution, and then send the request to state legislators to consider.


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