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Livingston Aldermen Explore Changes To Government, Wage Study

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Aldermen Explore Changes To Government, Wage Study

The Livingston Mayor and Aldermen discussed the potential of transitioning to a city manager form of government and conducting an employee wage study.

The board met with MTAS consultants Tuesday night in a work session to discuss ideas and concepts to improve town government.

MTAS Consultant Warren Nevad said Livingston currently operates as a strong mayor government.

“A city manager is supposed to be a non-political position,” Nevad said. “You work for the board. It is completely different when you have an elected official that is running the day to day operations.”

Alderman David Langford asked as to why Mayor Curtis Hayes brought the idea to the board.

“What’s brought all this up about manager all of a sudden,” Langford said.

Hayes said he wanted the aldermen to talk with their constituents to see if there would be any interest. Hayes said while attending conferences, it has been encouraged for cities to take a look at their charter and consider the option.

“May not want to do it,” Hayes said. “I know it is a big decision. It can’t be made tonight, but something that needs some careful thought, consideration and that’s my opinion.”

Nevad said there has been a trend of cities transitioning to a city manager government across the state. Nevad said the change would require a resolution passed by the Board for the state to consider.

MTAS also recommended that the city hires an outside consultant to review its pay scale. HR Specialist John Grubbs said the city needs to catch up with the market and inflation. Hayes said it has been three years since the last study was conducted.


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