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Spencer Residents Want Better Communication From City Officials

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Spencer Residents Want Better Communication From City Officials

Several Spencer residents approached the Board of Aldermen Thursday night wanting better communication about efforts to improve the water system.

Resident Terry Douglas said she wants city officials to share more information with citizens.

‘When will it be safe for me to drink this water,” Douglas said. “I know you can’t answer that right now, but I suggestions are that if you can communicate that with me by either phone, a postcard or either by a bill.”

Resident and Realtor Melissa Harmon said she is losing customers due to the water issues. Harmon said she feels like the city is not addressing the concerns of the people.

“We can’t drink our water, and you’re not buying bottled water from people and nobody in these letters address the fact that we are bathing in this water including children,” Harmon said. “I’m trying to not get emotional, but I want to hear what the plan is.”

Mayor Mickey Robinson said the city is continuing to follow its plan to improve the water system. Engineer Nathaniel Greene said the city has submitted its application for TDEC infrastructure money in order to complete the improvements.

“We’re trying to get all the timelines to work out,” Green said. “At the local level it takes time. At the national level, it takes even more. That is just where I am at.”

The city has a $6 million improvement plan that would allow the city to use water from the Caney Fork River. Green said the city will meet with the state in November to further discuss the water situation.


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