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Some Monterey Citizens Urging Special Election For Mayor

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Some Monterey Citizens Urging Special Election For Mayor

The death of Monterey Mayor Nathan Walker just two months after his election have some in the community calling for a special election.

Former Board of Aldermen Member Rebecca Iaquinta said that with almost a full mayoral term left to serve, the current Aldermen should set up an election rather than make an appointment.

“I don’t care what their politics are what I care about is what is best for me as a private citizen and for the other citizens who live there,” Iaquinta said. “And with the political climate these days and how divided things are, I really think the public at large would prefer to have a special election.”

Iaquinta said one of her concerns lies in the potential for dynasty politics. She said that having the board appoint a new mayor from itself, removes the possibility for new ideas.

Iaquinta said that in her mind, the next step forward is finding the funding for a special election and setting a date. She said it could be helpful to have an advisory board made up of aldermen to suggest names for the ballot or have Monterey citizens submit candidates themselves.

“It’s time that all of the people here, not part of us, but all of us feel equally represented,” Iaquinta said. “And at this point, there are a lot of people who feel disenfranchised. And I know that’s not the intention.”

Iaquinta said she wouldn’t run if a special election was held. She said it’s not about her being in office, it’s about serving the public.


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