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Treasured Souls Animal Rescue Helping Overton County Animals

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Treasured Souls Animal Rescue Helping Overton County Animals

An Overton County non-profit is working to help get animals off the streets and properly cared for.

Overton County residents say Treasured Souls Animal Rescue is in need of more resources to provide food, housing, and healthcare for the animals. Owner Maureen Schaffer she has been working with city and county officials to hopefully find additional aid.

“Maybe if there’s something left over in the year’s grants that maybe they would throw it up my way so I could build up what I’ve already been doing but it’s just getting very expensive to do it,” Schaffer said. “The dog kennels were originally $300 when I first started and now they’re up to $500.”

Schaffer said her facility is facing similar capacity issues as other animal rescue facilities. She said she currently has about 46 dogs in her care, which is eight over capacity.

Schaffer said while donations are always helpful, the biggest aid in her line of work would be for owners to take responsibility for their animals. She said that includes understanding how to meet their needs and getting animals fixed to prevent overpopulation.

“It’s the responsibility of the owners to watch what they’re doing or not to drop off animals because they’re injured or sick and can’t afford to pay for them,” Schaffer said. “I had a gentleman call me up who had eight-week-old puppies the other day who said if I didn’t come get them they were going to end up outside in the cold.”

Schaffer said at hte end of the day, she just wants to do what she can for the animals of Overton County as she’s done for the last 10 years. She said donations of food or funding are always welcome.

Schaffer said right now, she is trying to find a location to have an established building to operate out of.


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