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Livingston Aldermen Discuss One-Way Traffic Options And Downtown Parking

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Aldermen Discuss One-Way Traffic Options And Downtown Parking

The Livingston Mayor and Board of Aldermen to further discuss the possibility of converting two city roads to one-way traffic.

Consultant Ray Evans proposed the item Monday night in an effort to create more roadside parking. Evans said business owners expressed the need in a recent informative session over the South Church Street improvement project.

“There’s no reason not to proceed now with making those two roadways one-way pairs,” Evans said. “That’s exactly what the tenants and property owners ask us to do to proceed forward. I’m asking this body to approve.”

Evans said under the proposal South Church Street would go northbound towards the courthouse square while Spring Street traffic travels southbound. Livingston Resident Jay Warren spoke against the proposal. Warren said as a home owner, the change would make it difficult to enter his driveway.

“One-way is going to be a problem, because making a curve with a trailer getting out of my driveway, you take a 20-foot trailer and you can’t turn,” Warren said. “And what about getting back into my driveway?”

After hearing the concerns from Warren and wants from business owners, the board decided to not take action on the item. Alderman Rex Dale said he would like more information about the changes before making a decision.

“I think we should look at it a little more,” Dale said. “I like the idea of the one-way, but I think we need to make sure it suits everybody before we move forward.”

Evans said the project would only impact one traffic signal. The light at Spring Street would have to be removed. Evans said the total feasibility of installing parallel or angled parking spots would need to be studied as well. Alderman Bruce Elder shared a similar stance to Dale’s.

“I like the one-way,” Elder said. “I do, but I think we can certainly work with one person to try and help him along.”

Hayes said further information would be available during the Board’s January meeting. Alderman David Langford urged all property owners on the proposed roads to attend.


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