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Jackson Co. Schools Teacher Safety Training Sees Success

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Co. Schools Teacher Safety Training Sees Success

Jackson County Schools Safety Day with faculty and staff was met with much success.

Director Kristy Brown said the day was spent reviewing safety plans and educating new hires and previous hires alike. Brown said she and the teachers found the practice scenarios most effective.

“And they got to kind of roleplay what that would look like and best practice for those situations,” Brown said. “It wasn’t just powerpoints and listening to someone talk about it. It was actually going through some of the exercises and get some practice with that.”

Brown said safety is always at the forefront of the school system’s minds. She said this will act as just another asset to aiding the school’s safety. Brown said because the training went well, they hope to make this an annual training day.

Brown said students used one of their allotted virtual learning days for the first time. She said those days do not have any effect on the number of safety days the school uses. Brown said they are currently compiling the data to see how virtual learning went.

“We’re going to do proper assessment first of all if they have access to internet, if they have access to devices,” Brown said. “And then second of all if they’re able to complete online assignments or needed any help with that. So we’re going through the data with that and hope to review that at the next principals’ meeting. And we’ll see where we are and see where there might be areas we can support our students and our families in the event we have to do virtual days or remote learning.”


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